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Tonneau Cover
We recommend if you would like to extend the life of your cover for up to 10 years, you can purchase the Tonneau cover to be placed over your hard cover.  The Tonneau Soft Cover will protect your cover from the sunís harsh UV rays and from heavy precipitation. The Tonneau Soft Coverís internal inflatable air bladder offers a slope for rainwater runoff and increases insulation. And thereís no Styrofoam core to absorb rainwater and break! Protect your hard cover with the Tonneau Soft Cover.

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Cover Care and Conditioner

Kover Kare and Konditioner
Protect the Marine Grade Vinyl of our spa covers with this restorative product. Itís the inexpensive way to keep your cover looking like new for years to come. Our Kover Kare and Konditioner is particularly suitable for outdoor spas and hot tubs with covers that are exposed to the elements -- the blazing sunís rays and stormy weather.

 • Prevents weathering and discoloration of hard covers
 • Unique formula contains a UV protectant
 • Cleans and shines the Marine Grade Vinyl surface of hot tub covers
 • Repeated applications increase the ability of cover surface to repel water
 • Can be applied to any vinyl surface
 • Can be used with products containing chlorine, bromine, and biguanide

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