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Select the Color of Your Discount Spa Cover

We have 14 beautiful custom colors from which to choose. Pick a color that accents the color of your hot tub, or select a color that compliments with the decor of your surroundings. Our wide selection of colors makes our hot tub covers beautiful, as well as practical.
There are many ways determine the color of your discount hot tub cover. You could decide upon the mood you would like to create. Warm colors bring about a feeling of togetherness, while cool colors offer a sense of calmness. Pastel and neutral colors (such as black, gray, and white) fit with just about any tub color or surroundings.
All our spa covers are built with the highest standards. The colorful Marine Grade Vinyl provides complete weather resistance. It also bears a top UV rating to prevent sun damage. The interior of our covers contain polystyrene inserts to provide superior insulation and poly vapor barriers to keep moist air from penetrating the interior of the cover. We stand by our covers with our exclusive
5 year warranty!


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Discount Hot Tub Teak Wood Color will be a fantastic color to match or contrast virtually any color scheme you have on your patio or deck

Our Discount Spa Covers Cranberry Color gives your patio or deck a deep red tone. It is a perfect color for a spa cover and will last for years

Depending on your preferences Discount Hot Tub Cover Slate Color provides color matching with older decks and patios. It is one of our colors that are designed as a contrasting color scheme

For designers that prefer a deep rich tone Discount Spa Covers Forrest Green Color is perfect if you desire a dark contrast but not over bearing
















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