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Cover Lifters

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Cover Lifters
You’ll Love the Ease of Use!

Spa cover lifters make maintaining your spa effortless. Because hot tub covers are made to be durable and more energy efficient, it’s important to note that these covers may be too heavy for elderly persons, pregnant women, and anyone coping with chronic pain or other disabilities. By installing one of our cover lifters, you’ll make the task of replacing or removing a cover very simple and without any unwanted strain. Imagine removing or replacing your cover all by yourself – you won’t believe how easy this task becomes when you select from one of our three types of spa cover lifters!

Most of our lifters will fit nearly any hot tub or spa. Enjoy your spa even more with our universal lifters for hot tub covers.


Cover Caddy - Easy single person performance. This spa cover lifter is fast and simple to install and ensures a truly durable, strong lifter for use with your existing or new cover. Click here to view more information.
Price $215.95

Cover Rock-It - The Cover Rock-Our Cover Rock-It makes it easier than ever to move your cover on or off your hot tub. It’s versatile and durable design will fit many spas up to 96” while reducing overall wear and tear on the cover. Installation is completed within minutes making this spa cover lifter an excellent solution for anyone searching for a cover removal aid. Learn more about the Rock-It by clicking here.
Price $129.95

Cover Vallet - If you’re searching for a spa cover lifter that works well in tight spaces, then the Cover Valet may be the perfect answer for you. Made from a tough zinc-coated metal frame, this lifter installs by attaching to the spa cabinet o r surrounding decking of an in-ground hot tub. The Cover Valet is made with durable and high quality components to ensure this lifter will weather well in harsher conditions.
View more information about our Cover Valet here.
Price $219.95

The Cover Caddy
Universal structure adapts well to popular spa shapes and hot tub covers...

The durable Cover Caddy is easy to install and maintain. Simply mount the caddy to the side of your spa or hot tub – including hot tubs with unique and specialized shapes; including large corner radiuses, octagons, square with 2 corner radiuses, and more. Preserve wear and tear on your hot tub cover’s hinge to extend the life of your cover.

1. To operate, easily elevate the simple lift mechanism...

2. Next, pull the cover support arms open.

(requires 27" clearance)

3. Fold the cover in half, and slide cover material into the support arms...

4. Finally push the entire assembly down, storing it neatly out of your way.

A gas charged strut enables a single person to operate the Cover Caddy with ease!
Complete instructions are included with purchase, along with our 1-year factory warranty.
Price $215.95

Introducing the Cover Rock-It
Easily adaptable & durable with simple operation.

This spa cover lifter ensures easy and hassle-free removal of your hot tub covers for just about any spa up to 96”. Additionally, using the Cover Rock-It will also save owners on expensive wear and tear of both covers and spas. The Cover Rock-It is fast and easy to install within minutes and offers a very affordable answer to nearly anyone looking for easy hot tub cover removal.

This device is so simple – your cover will just tip right off without any hassle.


Complete instructions included. 1-year factory warranty.
Price $129.95

 The Cover Valet
Flexible and durable design for various shaped spas…

Are you looking for spa cover lifters that fit well in tight spaces? If you are, then you’ll want to take a second look at our Cover Valet. Made of a rugged and durable zinc-coated metal frame , this lifter quickly connects to your cabinet or deck and possesses a low profile that performs optimally in locations that competing lifters can’t. The Cover Valet is perfect for hot tubs located in enclosed places such as pavilions and greenhouses or even positioned next to walls. It works well for both above-ground and in-ground installations. Install and enjoy how effortless the removal or replacement of your hot tub covers can be!



Complete instructions are included with your spa cover lifter purchase. 1-year factory warranty.
Price $219.95

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